All our cakes are priced individually to reflect the quality of work and attention to detail that we pride ourselves in.  Prices are shown within the gallery for our most up to date portfolio and relate to the size and design of the cake being shown.

If you would like a price for an exact cake but in a different size or you have some ideas of your own then please get in touch through our contact form or by email and we will provide you with a more accurate quote.

All cakes are priced in exactly the same way whether they are for a wedding, birthday or any other celebration.

We use exactly the same premium ingredients and just as much attention to detail for all our cakes.  We believe in making stunning edible works of art which take a long time to create which is reflected in the price.


The following guide indicates how many portions you get from the different sizes of cake.

The number of portions are based on finger portions which are the traditional wedding cake serving of 1” x 1” x 4” and dessert portions which would be more recommended for celebration cakes and these are 1” x 2” x 4”

Cake Portion Guide
Size Round Finger Portion Square Finger Portion Round Dessert Portion Square Dessert Portion
4” 10 15 5 8
5” 15 20 8 12
6” 20 25 12 17
7” 30 40 17 24
8” 40 50 24 30
9” 50 65 30 38
10” 60 80 38 48
11” 70 95 48 58
12” 80 110 58 70

For example a round 3 tiered wedding cake made up of 6” 8” 10” tiers would give you 120 portions